National Influencers aims at promoting a limited responsible government in Pakistan under the rule of law that protects life, liberty and fundamental rights of all of its individual citizens equally without any discrimination.


Our guiding philosophy is based on the values of Limited governance, Rule of Law, Individual Freedom and Private Initiatives.

Liberty & Enterprenuership

The lectures are aimed at deepening the understanding of participants about the benefits of a free-market economy and how it has propelled many countries from rags to riches;

enterprenuer's get-to-gathers

We will invite successful and respectful business men to give short talks, presentations about their ways to success, problems they encountered, ways they circumvented and dealt

with difficulties and what they hope to achieve in the future

Residential workshop

The residential Workshop aims to build a tight network of young libertarians in Pakistan who would help each other in achieving a freedom appreciating society.

facebook live shows

With the help of mass-media, i.e. Facebook, we wish to raise awareness and interest of citizens for liberty and free-market ideas

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