Residential Workshop

Aim: The residential Workshop aims to build a tight network of young libertarians in Pakistan who would help each other in achieving a freedom appreciating society.
Strategy: Residential Workshop ‘The Bases of Economic Freedom: A Course for the Beginners’ for fresh graduates and senior students of social sciences.
Uniqueness: Residential Workshop will be held in a touristic spot of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Bara Gali that may bring both knowledge and entertainment for the participants. The lectures would be recorded and placed on the NI’s website and YouTube to be further distributed in the public.
Expected Results: We hope that these participants will form free-market societies at their universities, organize seminars under the umbrella of the institute and encourage free market reforms. Teachers at the weeklong residential Workshop will be the world-class champions of liberty. We hope that these experienced freedom fighters will imbue their passion for liberty to the youth.

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