Liberty & Entrepreneurship Lectures

Aim: The lectures are aimed at deepening the understanding of participants about the benefits of a free-market economy and how it has propelled many countries from rags to riches;
Strategy: The lectures would cover short topics that outline some principles of liberty and how they affect the wellbeing of individuals.
Uniqueness: Students are introduced to (1) act as individuals (2) to think about many forms of enterprise (3) to meet and create friendships with likeminded individuals.
Expected Results: We will bring together individuals who will be introduced to ideas of liberty and entrepreneurship. We hope to gain participants who will improve their entrepreneurial vitality and support us in promoting liberty and free-market ideas.

  1. Students For Liberty in collaboration with National Influencers has organized a colloquium last Thursday on “Class Struggle and Individual Liberty: A Market for Socialism?” at Peshawar, Pakistan. Students discussed inequality and social structure, exploitation, how free markets help the poor and libertarianism and the socialist vision. They opined that too many regulations discourage entrepreneurs and crush small business.

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