National Influencers in collaboration with Institute of Management Studies, University of Peshawar (IMS) & The Natives organized a KP Youth Business Plan Competition 2021 (KPYBPC) to provide an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship through the development and presentation of a business plan. Participants in the competition will have an opportunity to define their ideas in commercial terms and to compete for substantial cash prizes. This business plan competition is open to all the students of under-graduate classes and students pursuing higher courses. In Business Plan Competition students learn key business concepts and skills while developing a blueprint strategy to launch a new product or service. This competition helps young people build skills, unlock creativity, and discover pathways to opportunities in small and large businesses. The competition is designed to give young entrepreneurs a real-world experience to fine-tune their business plans and elevator pitches to receive funding and maximize the commercialization of their products. The event will bring across more than 20 teams from all over the province with a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 3 participants in each team.
In preparing a business plan, teams should answer the following questions based on research and data, not opinions:
Name of the proposed business?
What is the product or service?
What need does it address?
Who is the primary market for the
venture and what can you say about the size and scope of that market?
What are the compelling attributes that differentiate your product or service from others that address the same need?
How will your business make money?
How much startup capital do you need and what are your revenue projections?
Each team would be given a chance to showcase their business plan and present their idea in 8-10 minutes.
A group of individuals may pitch. A team can have minimum of 2 to maximum of 3 students. Teams that consisted of both graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to participate. Each team will be limited to one entry in the competition. Individuals can only be members of one team.
Judging Criteria:
The judges will consider: the innovation of the product, technology or service; product-market fit; the scalability of the business model; the total impact (including sales, social value, impact on users, partners, etc.); and the qualities of the entrepreneur or entrepreneurial team – their level of talent, diversity, and qualities which are value additive to the company.
The competition draws entries from undergraduate and graduate applicants from any University/ Institute/ Organization. The proposed business plans must be the original work of the applicant(s). There can be more than one team from one institute / University / organization.
Awards and Prizes:
All teams will be present for the entirety of the round and will be able to watch the other participant’s business plans. After all plans are complete, there will be a short break for judging. TOP 3 teams with the highest scores will be declared the winners. Prizes will be in the form of cross cheque.