About NI:

National Influencers (NI) is an independent, non-partisan think tank that aims to become a main pillar of the political and intellectual movement that will overcome the entrenched difficulties and increase the demand for policies in the direction of structural reforms, free enterprise, and individual freedom.
With this business plan we aim to take our organization’s impact to the next level. Following the implementation of this business plan, based on the successful best practices of think tanks with similar goals operating in similarly adverse environments, NI will leverage sound public policy proposals with best practices in communications, in order to equip its allies (intellectuals, journalists, and public officials) with all communication tools they need in order to convincingly make the case for reform and engage in public discourse in a way that in the long term will move the climate of opinion towards a more free and prosperous Pakistan.
In the upcoming year we have planned an ambitious, yet realistic, amount of activities that promote our mission. The main areas of our focus are: Free Market Economy, rule of law, Book Publications, Advocacy Campaigns, and Events.